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Business Woman of the Year 2019

Business Woman of the Year 2019

The Business Woman of the Year competition aims to foster and encourage female entrepreneurship. Launched in 2006, this initiative reflects the Bank's commitment to promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and the essential role of women in business and in the economy at large.

Since 2017, the contest is closely aligned with one of BIL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) priorities: innovation. For this year’s 10th edition, an innovative concept will again be a prerequisite for obtaining the Business Woman of the Year award of 10.000€.

After a thorough selection process, a jury composed of executives of BIL and our partners will review each eligible application to determine the five finalists who will have the opportunity to pitch their project on 5 June 2019.

The contestants will not only need to demonstrate their potential or experience as a successful entrepreneur or manager, but also to design an innovative product or service (for more information, find the criteria here).
There will only be one winner.

4 March 2019
Call for applications
24 April 2019
Applications are closed
Jury selects the five finalists
5 June 2019
Pitching session and award ceremony

Who can apply?

The candidate must:

  • Be female
  • Be a founder or a manager of a Luxembourg-based start-up or company
  • Explain how she got the idea for her business model or project
  • Be directly involved in the project or its execution (project initiator/leader/coordinator), demonstrate her personal commitment to the project and what the project means for her
  • Explain the innovative aspect of her project as well as her personal and professional interest in innovation
  • Describe the challenges she faced and how she addressed them

The project must:

  • Be innovative in its design, working methods, results, communication, use of technology, etc. (not all these criteria need to be met)
  • Have a positive impact on the Luxembourgish economy
  • Be embedded in a legal structure with its registered office in Luxembourg
  • Have a strong potential for success (e.g. a business plan)
  • Be presented in a clear and understandable manner


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Past editions

BIL launched the competition in 2006, at a time when female entrepreneurship did not receive much attention in Luxembourg. However, the large amount of high-quality applications received for the 2017 edition suggests a greater interest in this topic nowadays.